Lavishe’s Journey: From Idea to Ethical Jewelry Brand


The birth of Lavishe was not just another business venture; it was a vision to make ethically sourced and beautifully crafted jewelry accessible to all. The journey from a simple idea to a brand that stands for ethics and quality has been both challenging and rewarding. Here's the story of how Lavishe came to be.

The Idea

Every great journey starts with an idea. The foundation of Lavishe was laid when we realized the need for ethically sourced, GRA-certified moissanite diamonds in a market flooded with options that often compromised on ethics and quality.

The Challenges

Like every startup, we faced our share of obstacles. Sourcing ethical materials, gaining GRA certification, and crafting jewelry that met our high standards were just some of the hurdles we had to overcome.

The First Collection

Our first collection was a testament to what we stand for—quality, ethics, and beauty. From meticulously crafted 14K gold pieces to GRA-certified moissanite diamonds, we wanted our initial offering to set the tone for what Lavishe would become.

Customer Reception

The response was overwhelming. Customers appreciated our commitment to ethical sourcing and high quality. It was evident that the market was yearning for a brand that combined beauty with integrity.

Learning and Growing

We took customer feedback seriously. Whether it was about the design, the quality, or the customer service experience, we were keen on learning and improving.

Today and Beyond

Today, Lavishe is a brand recognized for its ethical sourcing and exceptional quality. We are continually expanding our collections and remain committed to our core values.


The journey from an idea to an ethical jewelry brand has been fulfilling. We are grateful to our customers for believing in us and our mission. As we continue to grow, our commitment to ethics and quality remains unshaken.

Join us on this journey. Browse our collections to find a piece that resonates with you and become a part of the Lavishe story.